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Tick is a measure of what stocks made an uptick (traded higher) vs a downtick
A/D is a measure of stocks in that index that are green vs yesterdays close or red
and expressed as a ratio. 3 on the green side of the scale for SP500 for example, means that 3 SP500 stocks are up on the day, for every one stock that is red on the day.
Each index has its own volatility index and are represented by the percent volatility gauges
There is a row for each major index, and 3 gauges for each index.
When the gauges are in sync for that index, Tick is green, A/D green and volatility red (volatility runs inverse of indexes generally) then you get a green up arrow, the opposite a red arrow, else neutral (grey arrow).
This is a page for short term index scalp entries, and we have found so far that 3-4 arrows in agreement with each other provide good short term trade entries

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