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Trend Page refers to the Trend of Internals, not Equities directly

Day Type Indicator. A unique indicator to Datatraderpro. Day Type measures the performance of a basket of key market internals for the initial 45 minutes of trade from market open, then evaluates the thrust of these indicators in terms of time and percentage to provide an early call on what type of trading to expect that day. Result posted at 10:15am. Note: This indicator operates on a timer therefore the readings on weekends will be false.

SP500 Daily Range. A measure of the total range traded in the SP500. A narrow range day generally provides few trading opportunities.

DTP $ Weighted Buying Pressure. An oscillator measuring $ weighted volume across a large basket of stocks across 3 major indexes

DTP MCC Intraday. Our version of the McClellan Oscillator which covers more than just the NYSE exchange, and optimised for intraday trading

DTP Net Issues. A measure of the net gain or loss of DTP’s own basket of issues from a number of exchanges

DTP Net Volume. A measure of the net volume of DTP’s own basket of issues from a number of exchanges